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How I became an Elastic Certified Engineer?

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Greetings everyone,

It is almost 2020 but the year for me could not end up better!

I can proudly say that I am now an Elastic Certified Engineer! ( – My days of doing contributions for the Elasticsearch documentation on GitHub finally paid off! )

As usual, I am very grateful for all the Elasticsearch training available over the Linux Academy platform ( – I swear that I am not paid to advertise their business ).

During my journey, I have learned a huge amount of useful features and ways of using Elasticsearch. Multi-fields, Custom Analyzers, and Aggregations are few of the cool things that strikeout of my mind when thinking about extremely powerful ways of indexing, analyzing and retrieving data.

For those who feel like taking the same path I highly recommend ( – as any instructor ) to be really, but really familiarized with the Elasticsearch Documentation for the exam version that you will take (mine was 7.2).

Don’t bother to memorize anything but always keep in mind to know where to search or go into to hit the question main goal. For instance, if you have a task that wants you to group a set of data, your mind should immediately think “aggregations”, or if the requirement is to proceed with a backup routine, you should get the “snapshot” word in your brain.

Like any other guy that successfully took and passed the test, I must agree that the exam is completely fair! You won’t have trick questions and it is totally hands-on, which gives you an extra chance to achieve your goal by proving that you can proceed with any request in a real-world situation.

The requirements for the Elasticsearch Certification Exam are available directly throughout their web page, plus, you can check a YouTube movie that explains details about the Elasticsearch certification with a few question examples.

Once again, thanks to Linux Academy for the Elasticserch certification course and for the Elastic team that created and maintain the exam!

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