Guilherme FerreiraHello!

I am Guilherme Ferreira.

I am not aware how did you get to know me or my website, but I am quite glad that you decided to use a little of your time reading about me!

I am working in the IT industry since 2006. I got my first programmer job right after high school. Back then, because I was studying in a technical school, I decided to try the shot, while delivering my school project. It was a really, really simple project, all about registering a list of characters from my favorite Anime Saint Seiya. I remember that I even did some Flash animations in the Home Page of that “system”. Good times when Adobe Flash was the #BOMB!

After that, I moved to work for a couple of other different companies, getting more development experience and introduction to PHP frameworks like Zend and Symfony. During this period, and a bit after, I started to hear about the world “cloud” and Amazon, but nothing that would catch my attention -silly me.

My turn over was definitely around 2012, when I got a job offer to work with one of the biggest  (if not the biggest) daily newspaper company in Brazil called Folha de São Paulo.

Not much after, I guess that around one and a half year, I had a chance to move my experience and knowledge to Europe. Since then, I am based in Warsaw, Poland.

Currently, I hold a couple of certifications, in different IT branches but notably connected:

root@guilherme-ferreira.me # echo I am done! 

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