If you ever wondered or needed some easy way to integrate your lovely Alexa and know how much work you have worked per day, I got good news for you!

The recent deployed Alexa Skill called Working Hours may be exactly what you are looking for. Let me explain its features, how efficient and easy is to use it!

With no more than two phrases, you can simply track (open and close) your working hours and when necessary, ask for a report to know how long you have been working, with any date range.

For example, imagine that you just have arrived in the office (or due to the COVID-19 crisis, you have simply finished your morning coffee and have to start work) and you want to ask Alexa to start to track your hours.

How I Start To Log / Track My Working Hours?

Saying something similar to “Alexa, ask Working Hours to log my hours“, will trigger the Alexa Skill, Working Hours, to start to track your hours gracefully and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Plus, the benefits of tracking your hours let you be more organized and concise at your job.

When the time comes that you either finished your work for the day or you are leaving home, just ask Alexa something similar to “Alexa, ask Working Hours to close my hours” and as easy as it sounds, Alexa now has for you the exact number of hours, minutes and even seconds that you have worked.

Now that you have a big picture of how it works you may be wondering…

How I do get a report or log of how many hours I have worked?

… and here we go with another good news!

To retrieve how many hours you have worked in a specific date (or even in a date range), you get two easy ways of asking Alexa, which can be:

Alexa, ask Working Hours how many hours I have worked?”

Or if you already know the date that you want to search, try on:

Alexa, ask Working Hours, how many hours I have worked at ‘DATE-X’ ” ~ DATE-X can be as ‘September 2020′, ’10th of October of 2020’, ‘Today’, etc.

The Alexa Skill Working Hours is clever enough to recognize either option and proceed with the search!

What Happens If I Forgot to Close My Hours?

If for whatever reason you just forgot to close your hours, the next time (or day) that you ask again to log your hours, Working Hours Alexa Skill will prompt you with a question about at what time you have closed your work at this date.

Once you have informed the finished hours on that day (hopefully you still remember it), the permission and flow to restart logging your hours will be re-enabled.

Where Do I Find The Working Hours Alexa Skill?

You can ask your Alexa to enable/activate the “Working Hours” Skill in your device or search it in the Alexa Portal.

The link below follows you to the skill page (you need to be logged in your Amazon account though).

Try on and make your daily hours tracking tasks easier, funnier, and hands-free (NO COVID-19 GUARANTEED)!

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